What is the process of joining?

Benefits Of The Healthcare Practitioner

  • Each healthcare practitioner is entitled to a specific discount depending on products and the country the practitioner is located.
  • Wellness Extract promotes the practitioner’s clinic and their articles, blogs and any other content via the Wellness Extract website and company’s other social media platforms. We also offer our in-house teams’ support for content creation.
  • Wellness Extract promotes the Healthcare practitioner’s business by providing marketing aid, increasing their online presence leading to more footfall in the clinic as well as for online consults.
  • Shipping the healthcare practitioner's order would be our top priority.
  • Practitioners can be a part of any clinical trials conducted by Wellness Extract by registering as a physician in our projects. Perks - A participation certificate, detailed outcome of the study to add value to existing practice. Wellness Extract offers opportunities in participation in studies funded by the government.
  • Moreover, if the practitioner is already a part of conducting any clinical trials, Wellness Extract offers their products at no charge to the practitioner as well as their patients enrolled in the study.
  • The practitioner gets registered with Wellness Extract as a verified Wellness Extract Healthcare Practitioner after verification of the credentials.